Built on long-term vision, conviction in values and quality hard work, Thrasher’s legacy is as the region’s top choice.

Case Studies

Recent acquisitions and accelerated growth transformed Thrasher Basement Systems from a one-service, mom and pop shop founded in a garage, into a $30 million company, with a comprehensive suite of trusted, responsibly affordable solutions. With a unique and differentiating position in the residential and commercial markets as the only local designer, manufacturer and installer of geotechnical solutions, Thrasher Basement Systems struggled to connect and communicate its suite of services to internal and external audiences alike.

Additionally, they struggled with attracting top talent. Though they have opportunities for all skill sets, the common perception of the industry stands in the way of attracting diverse candidates who can help fill gaps in their expertise. Although 97% of their employees said they would refer someone to work at Thrasher, the organization was not perceived as a legitimate company with a great culture.

When Thrasher Basement Systems turned to Phenomblue for marketing and communications support, we identified an overarching company issue – the company was growing, but unable to track its success with layers of messaging, a lack of brand architecture and confusion amongst audiences on its service offerings. It wasn’t just a marketing challenge or an external perception issue – it was a company problem.

Our partnership also led to developing an employment brand that clearly articulates what it means to be part of the Thrasher team and proves that Thrasher is more than just a construction company — it’s an employer of choice.

Phenomblue differed from other partners we’ve worked with through its Rova Method. They not only gave our organization direction to help us reach our goals, but they were able to identify our primary objectives for next year while ensuring we’re in line with it.”

“Overall, we were very impressed with Phenomblue’s well-organized approach and creativity. Translating our ideas into words and onto paper was a lot more useful than them just floating around in our heads.”

“Their approach was very thorough, and we now feel comfortable as an organization when making decisions as we have something to refer to and base our decisions on. By tying everything together under the umbrella of our future plan, we feel more comfortable making decisions with a specific direction.”

 -Dan Thrasher, President, Thrasher