eBay Inc.

One of the largest brands in the world is home to eBay.com and many of the technology companies that make electronic commerce possible.

Case Studies

As the company nets a significant amount of revenue from their holdings in white-hot subsidiaries like PayPal, Magento, StubHub and Milo, recruiting and retaining the best and brightest employees/talent is a critical factor in the company’s ability to achieve success.

The complexities of recruiting employees and interns to an organization with the profile of eBay Inc. creates significant challenges. It’s constantly competing with similarly categorized companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Yahoo!, Google and recently Palantir. The company also has an understated brand with nested hierarchies of unincorporated sub-brands, which can make the story of eBay Inc. more challenging. Finally, there’s the legacy factor with target audiences and within the marketplace, which most of the competition does not have.

With Phenomblue, the goal of eBay Inc. was simple. Create a strategy that defines measurable success, while delivering a tactical plan and transformative creative to succeed.

Phenomblue is a valuable and trusted strategic partner to eBay Inc., for the University Programs team specifically by helping attract and acquire more top talent, and increasing the longevity of careers at eBay.”

“We work with a lot of partners, so it was a relief to find a firm to not only tell us what to do, but also execute at a high level. Through their navigation, our leadership team has a clear understanding of our long-term goals and how our day-to-day tactics fit within them to share with their individual teams.”

“Phenomblue delivered creative that not only supports our efforts, but ensures future work is consistent and aligns with our goals, to ensure we’re successful down the road.”

-SVP of Marketing, University Programs, eBay Inc.