Arming frontline staff with STEM by engaging and educating out-of-school time providers.

Case Studies

Developed and recently launched by University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Extension in partnership with the Noyce Foundation, Click2SciencePD is an interactive, professional development program funded in collaboration with many other organizations. It’s important work, as kids in out-of-school programs often lack access to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning, which stimulates critical thinking, improves science literacy and positions them for the jobs of tomorrow. With the Click2SciencePD site already live, the organization was lacking a clear strategy, and struggling to communicate its message with target audiences.

Looking to increase awareness and ultimately, become the go-to online STEM resource, Click2SciencePD engaged Phenomblue for help reaching out-of-school staff, coaches and trainers. In addition to fueling its adoption through ongoing outreach, we set out to drive registration conversions to capture user information and ultimately meet stakeholder goals.

Phenomblue has been with Click2Science from day one. They were instrumental in helping us create and develop our brand and related strategies. They deliver quality work on time and within budget. Their staff is attentive, organized and very enjoyable to work with. They have certainly made my job easier.”

-Chris Moses, Marketing Director, Click2Science

“Phenomblue has been a great complement to our development team. They took the time to extensively learn about our educational website and its intended audience. After sharing our team’s usage goals for the website, Phenomblue formed a creative marketing strategy that has served as a solid foundation for the promotion of our program.”

-Kathleen Lodl, Associate Dean, UNL Extension

“Every time our Click2SciencePD development team met with Phenomblue, creative brainstorming and idea generation occurred. This collaborative spirit helped our development team think strategically about the future of our product and its continued benefit to our audiences.”

-Tracy Pracheil, Extension Educator, UNL Extension