The nation’s largest online job site is much more than the go-to destination for job seekers.

Case Studies

Working with employers from around the world (including 92 percent of the Fortune 1000) CareerBuilder, unbeknownst to most job seekers, offers a variety of employment- and career-related solutions. In addition to powering more than 1,000 separate career sites, CareerBuilder manages the employment brands for companies, helping its partners identify more candidates, attract better talent and develop engagement and retention strategies. Reaching and retaining top talent is a big job that requires the type of insight that comes from trusted relationships and a deep understanding of what makes each company a great place to work.

CareerBuilder has the added challenge of serving clients within similar industries – all competing for the same top talent. For these job seekers, choosing a career is a life-altering decision, requiring the ability to picture themselves working there and fitting in with the culture. This makes the unique value proposition of a company’s employment brand more important than ever.

Phenomblue developed employment brand strategies and tactics for CareerBuilder partners, including Bridgestone, Denny’s, Rooms To Go, Comer Holdings, Westfield Insurance and h.h. gregg.

“At CareerBuilder, we can always count on Phenomblue to help us — both strategically and executionally.”

“As our partners, their firm brings a background and expertise in employment branding that helps enhance the work we do for our corporate clients. I’m always excited to share their ideas and executions with my team.”

“Phenomblue proves that strategy is not just valuable to brands today, but necessary, with on-message tactical planning that shapes the perceptions of existing and prospective talent through each brand interaction. The work is more successful because of it! They continue to challenge CareerBuilder with new ideas and new ways of doing things, which makes them a dynamic, valuable partner.”

-Rachel Enstrom, Creative Director, CareerBuilder