Rewind with Ryan P.

Rewind is a new addition to the More blog, posted each Monday to recap our favorite brand experience agency news from the week before – curated each week by a different person from around the office. This week, Ryan P., our Director of Technology, shares a few of his favorite links from last week. When not leading our Technology group, Ryan plays the drums and drinks scotch – he’s also home sick with a cold today, which makes him a pretty awesome guy for curating this installment of Rewind.

HexGL has offered a fun diversion around our office. It’s a proof of concept racing game – built using HTML5, Javascript and WebGL. It looks and performs beautifully in the latest version of Chrome.

It sounds a little like a late April Fools’ joke, but Amazon Glacier is a new service that offers very low-cost, long-term storage with the tradeoff that your data can take 3 to 5 hours to retrieve.

Ever wonder why the iPhone/iPad Notes app tries to imitate a real notepad with real handwriting on it? Turns out there’s a term for that, which Robb Green explains in Design Jargon Explained: Skeuomorphism.

Internet Explorer gets a pretty bad rap these days and let’s be honest, it deserves it. However, IE has made some pretty important contributions over the years. For example, IE3 was the first browser to implement CSS. Check out some of its other contributions: The Innovations of Internet Explorer.

Last week we noted that millennials buy more books than any other age group. According to another new study, nearly all millennials read magazines. Forget the notion that younger generations don’t read as much – they do – what’s changing are motivations and interaction styles with the media.