Rewind with Erin S.

Rewind is a weekly post curated by one of us here at Phenomblue with our favorite news from the week before. This week, Phenomblue LA’s director of design Erin curates. She’ll also be finding the biggest subwoofers possible and hectically hanging all the red string lights she can on her boat to take part in Marina del Rey’s Annual Holiday Boat Parade.

When you swede a blockbuster, you get a mockbuster. When D+M creates it with MMA fighters you get KnockOff, a live performance piece based on the movie — you guessed it—Knock Off. This piece adds to the ongoing conversation around counterfeiting, rip-offs, copyright, capitalism, production, remixing and all that jazz. Can I tell you my secret reason for including this is the severed finger cursor they use on the site? I can, and I will.

Speaking of copyright and rip-offs, the Fall 2012 issue of Cabinet Magazine has an article about Trap Streets. Basically, mapmakers put fake bits into maps to catch other mapmakers copying them. I’m pretty sure Google Maps got caught recently with the fake South Pacific Island, Sandy Island. I guess they tried to fix it.

The art world has always been the place where seedlings of embryos of zygotes of disruptive change take place. So what happens once the disruption is taking place in the business world? Harvard Business Review has an article, Surviving Disruption, that will give you some tips, you savvy business person.

The end of the world on December 21st is the ultimate disruption, but here comes NASA, ruining the anticipation for everyone. Now they’re telling us why the world’s not going to end. I’m sorta bummed, because I’ve already found a nice outfit for the occasion. Thanks for nothing, Science!