Rewind with Brent S.

We’re back in the offices today, and it’s Rewind time, where someone from our brand experience agency recaps his or her favorite news from the week before. Brent S. is our senior director, strategy at Phenomblue Omaha. He’s in the 5k pro-amateur Turkey Trot tour and has never had pecan pie. But enough about him…

Who doesn’t think ‘turkey’ when they think ‘Thanksgiving’? That fat bird has been a staple on my family’s table for generations. In fact, 88 percent of people polled in 2012 said they would be having turkey for their Thanksgiving meal. But last week, I learned that in the fall of 1621 the Pilgrims probably never had turkey as their entrée. That’s because the pilgrims used the word “turkey” to refer to a variety of different birds. More than likely the pilgrims had seal, swan and deer. And, it is my belief that a 17th century foodie’s 3-piece combo platter of “seal-wan-eer” was the inspiration for the modern man’s turducken. Here is a dandy Happy Thanksgiving Infographic that tells the tale of our heartiest holiday.

Pigskin fever once again swept through households last week as NFL teams duked it out. But the football star that caught the eye of the Internet was nine-year-old Sam Gordon. The Internet sensation whose incredible skills on the football field caught the attention of Wheaties cereal is now on the cover of the iconic box.

Weighing less than 60 pounds, her highlight video went viral after her Dad posted it to YouTube. Sam plays quarterback in an all-boys tackle football league in Utah.

Do you remember way back in 2001 when every talkshow was discussing the invention that would revolutionize the world? They were calling the secretive invention “It” and it was reported that “It” could very well be a transporter or even a time machine. But, instead “It” turned out to be the Segway. The excitement and anticipation which preluded the Segway reminded me of last week’s NASA announcement from Mars Curiosity’s Chief Scientist John Grotzinger of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory: “This data is gonna be one for the history books.” That vague sound bite has made many believe that come December, we may have conclusive evidence that there was once life on Mars. This Time Magazine article suggests that Dr. Grozinger’s quote may mean something more comparative to the Segway, and not to “It.”