Phenomblue Sponsors Creative unConference Chicago

The One Show Creative unConference on Friday brought some of the world’s brightest creative minds to the Windy City for a day of insight and information sharing. A day of collaboration, innovation and new ideas on how to succeed in today’s unpredictive media environment. Phenomblue proudly sponsored the conference, along with Columbia College Chicago and other technology-minded agencies on the vanguard of multiplatform consumer interaction.

The unConference relies on a time-tested model for stoking the fires of creative dialogue: the classroom discussion prompt. Participants, free to build their own agenda for the day, pick from a smorgasbord of 45-minute sessions designed to strike their fancy. The unConference is a welcome change from the set agendas and “expert” talks of the oversaturated conference circuit.

This year’s prompt, Thinking Like a Start-Up, encouraged attendees to experiment, collaborate and ask questions — like any good entrepreneur does. Participants came away with a wealth of insights and new ideas that they can apply to their professional and personal lives.

Although some sessions were planned in advance, many came together in a matter of minutes.

One of the coolest had to be Digital Kitchen’s “Lick Your Product + the Other Five Senses.” Both Debra L., Phenomblue’s Vice President of Engagement, and Andrew W., our Director of Engagement, found it truly awe-inspiring.

“They do some of the stuff we’re doing on Surface machines and with PixelSense, trying to build that interaction with brands rather than going with some print ad,” Andrew said.

“Lick Your Senses…” called for consideration of all five senses when designing and developing products and experiences. For instance, scent is the strongest link to memory. Hotels in Vegas know this, and each one pipes its own fragrance through its air conditioning ducts. Probably doesn’t mask the smoke smell, though.

Another highlight from the unConference included “Evolution of Storytelling as the Media Landscape Changes,” a roundtable-style session featuring Joe Olsen, our kickass CEO and President.

Overall, the unConference rocked.

On a drizzly Monday morning in Omaha, Deb was still glowing from Friday’s awesomeness.

“I wish I would have invented the unConference!’” she said. “Where else can you have people pay to go to a ‘conference’ with no set agenda and no speakers?”

Well, we sponsored it, so that’s the next best thing.