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SoDA Report V1: Brief Strategy vs. Business Strategy

The Digital Society (SoDA) recently released the first volume of its biannual publication The SoDA Report 2015. On page 78, Phenomblue Executive Creative Director Jonathan Tvrdik discusses why it’s more important than ever for organizations to develop clear strategies that extend out of briefs, laddering up to why the business is doing what it is […]

Welcome Gabe Romero, Matthieu Lynch, John Oerter & Cole Collett

We’re pleased to announce a few recent additions to our team. Prior to joining Phenomblue as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gabe Romero spent more than fifteen years gaining business experience in both national and international sales management. Gabe’s experience includes managing business and operations for specific business units, including profit and loss reporting, […]

“If the digital age was about building communication lines, the connected age is about linking & focusing them.”

From last night’s #BigOmaha VIP Reception.

Visit our table at the #BigOmaha Middle Party for a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card from 8-9pm.

Garage door’s open!

Salsa bar for lunch!

New Office Manager position is up on our Careers page, to assist w/ administrative support & front office activities

SoDA Session on location on 6th Street.

Phenomblue CEO Joe Olsen speaking now at SoDA Session – Adapting to Human Behavior in the Connected Age. Live stream from Austin at