My Wild Kingdom Wins FWA’s Mobile of the Day


Today, Favourite Website Awards chose Mutual of Omaha’s My Wild Kingdom app as Mobile of the Day! We’re proud to receive this prestigious honor for the work we partnered with Mutual of Omaha to complete.

This is our second FWA Mobile of the Day. We won our first in November 2011 for the I Smell Brains zombie app. Every award we get validates our hard work, talent and culture of innovation. Plus, they look good hanging in our offices.

What’s the FWA?

The FWA series is the oldest and most respected industry-recognized award programs, with a mission to showcase cutting edge creativity regardless of the medium or technology used. The site also serves as one of the most popular inspirational portals for web designers and developers, having received over 170 million site visits since November 2012.

The FWA series is an unfunded project sustained by the help of sponsors and volunteers. Debuting in May 2000, FWA remains an unbiased champion of Internet excellence. The Chicago Tribune compared the FWA to the Oscar and praised for being a “a fun, fascinating place to visit, with the emphasis not on blather about awards but on sending visitors off to what they really want to see, cool new sites.”

My Wild Kingdom

My Wild Kingdom is a wild animal adventure app that lets users turn any photo or video into a fun virtual habitat and share it with their friends. Users can go on adventures, earn badges and unlock re-sizeable virtual animals to add to photos and videos. Camera filters can be engaged to customize each adventure and even capture the look of classic nature footage.

Users can unlock and choose between ten different animals to populate their photos and videos: giraffe, zebra, lion, meerkat, gorilla, alligator, kangaroo, penguin, hippopotamus and elephant. And the whole thing is narrated by Jim Fowler, the show’s original co-host and field correspondent.

We also designed the app to get kids out of the house and interacting with actual animals. You could have the neighbor’s dog giving a piggyback ride to a tiny virtual alligator, or anything else you can think of. Go wild.

Download My Wild Kingdom from iTunes.