Happy Pumpkin Day with Carving Kit

October is the season of specters and cemeteries. Jason and Michael Myers. Spider webs and candy. The World Series and Vincent Prince.

It’s also the season of totally awesome pumpkin carving projects in the digital, physical and spiritual realms.

A violent, messy business, pumpkin carving takes a lot of work — you have to scalp it, scoop out its guts, set aside the pumpkin seeds for a tasty treat and then take a sharp knife to its rumpled face. Danger lurks at every turn. What if you accidentally stab yourself and the blood starts a-gushin’?

What if you slip and bang your head on a table and the pumpkin falls off the table and spills your Jack O’Lantern candle and sets the house on fire? But you can’t escape because you’re alone and lying unconscious in a pile of nutrient-rich seeds. What then?

What if you smell like a pumpkin all day?

Phenomblue takes death out of the equation with The Carving Kit, our innovative no-mess twist on the classic Halloween card. In 2010 we used 3-D, VFX and Adobe Flash Platform Development to bring you a personalized, shareable and not-super-frightening-but-still-fun interactive experience.

Use your webcam to broadcast your face on a spooky old TV, and then adjust the rabbit ear antenna for brightness, contrast and color. Now, behold! A customized Jack O’ Lantern etched with your scary-looking face.

And if you want to be really cool, you can spread the virus among your friends and social media networks.

Now let’s talk about real pumpkin carving.

Every year at Phenomblue, we set aside our brand experience agency masks for a couple hours and snap on our food-based art design capes for our Annual Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza! And now…the winner of the Phenomblue Pumpking Carving Contest is…

Sam W., our Junior Designer of Graphic and Motion!

Sam’s Rip Van Winkle-inspired pumpkin is disturbingly good. A far cry in the night from those smiling triangle eyes you see in elementary school windows. Check it out on Instagram.