Bonus Day Project: Checkmate

If you’re a member of that exclusive group of “people who have friends,” then you’ve probably experienced the pain of splitting a check. Not just a simple down-the-middle split, but a complex divvying up of multiple appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks with everyone handing the server a pile of cash and cards and each person dictating the items he or she is going to pay for.

This can be a delicate situation. Multiple considerations may come into play. If Person A ordered mozzarella sticks but Person B ate half, should the cost of the appetizer be subdivided equally or covered entirely by He Who Placed the Initial Order? If Person C ordered a pitcher of sangria shared by everyone except Person D, who only took one sip before screwing up her face in disgust at its sour sweetness, is it right and just to estimate the number of sips constituting one six-ounce glass and then pro-rate the cost of Person D’s portion out of fairness and/or spite?

Perhaps your group always tries to figure out brackets for five-way rock-paper-scissors to see who covers the entire check. Or maybe the wealthiest person just gets fed up, says f*%# it and picks up the entire tab. (What generous friends you have!)

More often than not, a fun night out can quickly turn into a giant pain in the ass and waste of intoxicated brainpower.

Thanks to Bonus Day, our agency’s quarterly exercise in innovation where we split into teams to develop an experience that pushes the limits of our creativity, we were able to devise a solution to one of the most painful aspects of eating out: paying for food.

Checkmate streamlines meal-payment logistics the way nature intended: with a real-time, multiplayer iOS game. With Checkmate, your drinking buddies and/or foodie companions duke it out through fun, face-paced mini-games to determine who among you will make that night’s contribution to the restaurant industry. The loser picks up the table’s check. Checkmate!

This is part two of our featured Bonus Day projects for the fourth quarter of 2012. Bonus day is an internal, agency-wide flash-exercise innovation where ad hoc teams of strategists, designers and engineers carry a passion project from conception to completion — in a day. As a brand experience agency focused on innovation, design and utility, we are always discovering new ways technology can create meaningful experiences that connect brands and people. To experience Phenomblue’s take on the vitality of innovation in an ever changing market environment, download our offer “Innovation: Your Only Path to Survival and Success” — right now.